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Simply sign up to be a halfables business member and start advertising for free. Once you sign up you will be able to create an offer and setup a free voucher (optional PDF) for customers to use when redeeming the offer at your business. The process is simple and easy and does not earn any commission form the redemption of offer vouchers.

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What are halfables?

halfables are offer vouchers that are good for half off any product or service you would like to offer potential customers and clients. They are essentially 50% off deals that can be structured in whatever way makes sense for your business and would be appealing to potential recipients.

Examples of effective halfables:

  • Barber Shop: Half off off hair cuts for new customers
  • Salon: Half off off manicure / pedicure on specific days (half off Tuesdays)
  • Restaurant: Half off dinner up to a set amount, for example $25 off up to $50 dinner bill (amounts in excess of $50 will not be discounted)
  • Restaurant: Half off drinks with dinner
  • Auto Mechanic: Half off oil changes for new and existing customers
  • Club: Half off admission on specific evening(s)
  • Bar: Half off drinks on specific evening(s)
  • Show & Events: Half off admission on a specific day/event
  • Barber Shop: Half off off hair cuts for new customers

These are just some examples, halfables can basically be setup in a way that makes sense for your business and is appealing to buyers. Setup discounts based on days, times, spending limits or just about any criteria you think will work.

How Much Does It Cost My Business?

Halfables is an advertiser supported platform. Halfables does NOT earn any commissions from your offers.


  • Customers will be able to download the offer vouchers for FREE on
  • Email marketing / landing page campaigns are available for an additional fee per campaign. For example, we will add your halfable to an email marketing campaign and drive visitors to a landing page exclusively featuring your offer

Additional Promotion Options (Quote Required)

  • Featured Listings: Position your offer in key placement areas throughout the website, visible to specific audiences, for example, feature your halfable on the top of the home page to visitors in Manhattan on the evening before your special event, or feature your restaurant offer on the main restaurant landing page for your geographical area.
  • Custom Email Marketing Campaigns: Send out an email featuring only your offer with a dedicated landing page or other call to action.

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